About My Practice

I travel a lot for work:

• Bet you didn't see that coming. I won't come to you to do therapy, only a sexual harassment prevention workshop. This passion of mine has been going on for years, but only now does it feel especially pressing. The team consists of an attorney, an ER physician, a sportscaster, and social worker, and between us we have the content covered. Find more info on that at www.Relationship-wise.com. If you're here for therapy, you'd best know my biases. Like therapy doesn't have to feel bad, a person should leave feeling better.

• That probably won’t last, that’s why people keep coming back for more.

• There are reasons hope doesn’t last, generally because nothing’s changed,
initially, except the way you look at things.

• If you’re in therapy, at least one other person in your family probably should be.

• Much of what a therapist has to offer should have been taught to all of us in
school, and ultimately will be. People like me are already eliminating the boundaries of time and space, doing therapy online, letting you use PayPal to finance therapy and pscho-education.

• Individual therapy is wonderful and a luxury. Getting everyone else to go with the
program and not sabotage it is much harder. It sure helps when everyone contributes.

• Woven into most psychological issues, the ones in our heads and relationships,
is a veritable textile of genetics, family environment, and social learning. In good
therapy you address all three.

• Good therapy mitigates pathology—with or without medication. To feel good,
probably something big has to happen, to someone, and it isn’t always an Ah, ha
moment, so much as a new response to an old situation.

Which is why therapists are always thinking—change something. Anything. See what

And we hold your hand, so to speak, along the way.